Blayne Chenoweth, CPA

Starting her business in 1992, Blayne is a certified public accountant with nearly 20 years accounting experience. Blayne is skilled in all aspects of  financial operations including business accounting system management and setup, multi-state tax filings and tax planning, consulting and payroll.

Her analytical, organized, get-it-done-right methods combine with her integrity and honesty to quickly help companies and individuals get and stay on the right financial footing. She has helped numerous companies prepare for complex forensic and IRS audits, saving them thousands of dollars in time and expenses. She is an expert in Peachtree Accounting Systems operations.

Blayne also works with individuals and couples in planning for and filing personal tax returns. She is an experienced estate and trust tax consultant.

“I love learning about my clients and their businesses,” Blayne says. “Part of my job is to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together so that they work effectively, whether it’s for a business operation or for a couple filing their personal tax return. My clients know they can count on me to get accurate information that can hold up to any kind of scrutiny.”