Tax Tips

Tax Information for 2013

  • New Tax Deadline:  April 15, 2014 to file and pay your taxes                  
  • Mileage Rates:
    • Standard Mileage Rate as of January 2013 is 56.5 cents per mile
    • Medical or Moving Purposes Rate is 24 cents per mile
    • Charitable work rate is still 14 cents per mile because it is set by law


Inflationary Adjustments:

  • Business standard mileage rate 56.5¢/mile
  • Exemption amount $3,900
  • IRA deduction and phase-outs increased
  • Minimum std. ded. for dependents $1,000
  • AMT exemptions increased (permanent)


Other Changes:

  • Regular tax rates for individuals modified and made permanent—top rate of 39.6%
  • Net capital gain tax rates modified and made permanent
  • AMT capital gain tax rates conformed
  • Medical and dental expenses must exceed 10% of AGI to be deducted on Schedule A, unless the taxpayer or spouse is 65 or older


Important Tax Planning Support

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