“I have been a long term client of Blayne Chenoweth and the ACT Business Group for many years. I would very highly recommend Blayne and her excellent staff to anyone. Blayne has provided for me outstanding service regarding accurately preparing my income tax returns. Each year, I usually offer her a new challenge because of my involvement in RE transactions and my business. She always researches in depth the rules and regulations regarding my situations.

I have had other accountants in the past, but Blayne is by far the most thorough and accurate. Blayne is also very enjoyable to work with each year.”

David Mowery

“Thank you for all you have done. I can’t say how much I appreciate it.

Cynthia Hafif
Hafif and Associates, LLP
Ontario, CA

“Blayne Chenoweth is a professional of the first order.  She is conscientious, dependable and accurate.  I counted on Blayne to analyze and correct our accounting records with little to no supervision.  She performed admirably and corrected our books quickly.  I would highly recommend her and consider myself lucky to have her services.”

Nancy Brzezniak, Controller
Novellus Research Sites, Inc.
La Jolla, CA